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Aerial Surveys Intl
Front Range Airport
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Aerial Film Processing and Printing (Photo-Lab)

 – B&W Film Processing

All panchromatic B&W aerial film is processed in house to allow for the timely delivery of your aerial products.

We utilize a Kodak Versamat Model 11 processor that has been modified with new developing racks. This processor allows us to maintain consistent processing contrast and density, which yield an archival product.  Processor control is maintained using Kodak control strips which are densitometricly evaluated.

Exposed color aerial film is sent to HAS Images by overnight express for professional color film processing.

 – Contact Printing

We can provide both color and B&W electronically dodged aerial contact prints or film diapositives. All aerial film is cleaned prior to printing.

We employ two LogEtronic Mark IV printers and one EgoLtronic Mark V printer. These printers automatically compensate for the inherent unevenness in aerial film caused by solar elevation, vignette and ground scene reflectance.

 – Color Printing

Color printing is accomplished with our 20" Kreonite RA4 processor

 – B&W Printing

B&W printing is processed with our 40" Rapid Access DuPont processor.

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