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Digital Mapping Camera

Film Cameras

We operate two Zeiss LMK 2015 Cartographic Aerial Cameras. These state of the art cameras have "E" lens cones which yield high image resolutions and have AWAR's (Area Weighted Average Resolution) in excess of 106 and 103 respectively. Our cameras are computer controlled utilizing the 'Track'Air™ flight management system.

The exact longitude and latitude 'photo center' for each exposure is pre-determined and the system fires the exact position of each exposure. Our Cameras expose these coordinates and other flight data on the side of each aerial film frame.

Both cameras are equipped with forward motion compensation, and gyro-stabilized mounts which provide a platform for stable support of the aerial equipment compensating for the rotations (pitch, roll, and yaw movements) of the airplane during photo runs. This results in a reduction of image motion caused by turbulence and allows for longer exposure times and the use of slower, fine-grained films, allowing higher enhanced resolution.

For precision data on our cameras, please see our calibration reports.

Our Cessna 401 with Zeiss LMK 2015 Camera

Camera Specifications

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