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Aerial Surveys Intl
Front Range Airport
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Precision Aerial Scanning

Our firm offers Photogrammetric scanning services with our state of the art Z/I PhotoScan® 2002.

This scanner provides image formats that support most digital photogrammetric soft copy software as well as CAD and GIS packages.

Our equipment has the ability to scan aerial diapositives or aerial roll film in either negative or positive formats.

Our scanner's automatic roll film advance features provide us with "Auto Scan" capabilities allowing for 24 hour production.

We can provide you with the imagery on CD and DVD media, or on portable hard drives.

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Camera Specifications

Color Infrared

Specialized Services

Do you have complex projects requiring quality cartographic imagery?

We have solutions to fit every size job, large or small.

We've proven our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We know how to get it right.

But enough about can we help you?