Resolution: 7 micron optical, digitally aggregated
14, 21, 28, 56, 112, 224 micron
Scan format: 275 mm x 250 mm, scannable
Media: Single frame (roll feed optional),
positive or negative, b&w or color transparency
Scan Approach: Fixed-position film storage, moving
camera/illumination. Scanning is performed
independent of film roll movement
Radiometry: 10 bits/channel digitization with transmissive,
density, or gamma-adjustment modes of
operation over 0.001 to 3.3 OD, with dynamic
range of 2.5 OD
Output data: NT system: 8-bit B/W, or 24-bit color output
in choice of TIFF tiled, Intergraph, JPEG, or
TIFF 6.0 JPEG compressed formats
Geometric accuracy: Less than 2 microns per axis RMS error
Geometric precision: 1 micron
Sensor: Tri-linear CCD, fully compensated, all elements
Optics: Custom reflective lens system designed by
Carl Zeiss
Illumination: Fan-cooled tungsten halogen bulb (150W)
Throughput: 7 minutes for a 14 micron color or b/w scan of a
typical 235 mm x 234 mm photo
Dimensions: 1.6 x .72 x 1 meters (included)
(63 x 28.5 x 39 inches)