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Post Processing Software

 – Z/I Mission

Used to import and view project data from the raw DMC format, and begin preprocessing. It then allows us to set coordinate system properties, import Z/I In flight database, which we then create an ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager project (ISPM), which contains aerial triangulation, compilation, and orthophoto production. Once photo parameters are created and set, we then export the data to Z/I PPS.

 – Z/I Post-processing software

The final image processing stage is done through Z/I PPS. Photo settings are appointed within this program. Hi-resolution, color-infrared, pixel resolution, tile size, overviews, compression, georeference, histogram values and settings can all be maintained through Z/I PPS.

 – Z/I Dia

Imagery software that allows manipulation and the creation of a “look up table” for the post-processing of the imagery.

 – GEO Cue distributive post-processing software:

Allows us to:

  • post-process multiple images at the same time.
  • schedule projects to run at a later time.
  • schedule a project to run now or later on a remote workstation.
  • split a project across multiple machines.
  • set a machine and cluster schedules to dynamically reallocate resources or take machines offline and online for administrative purposes.
  • set processing priorities on objects and projects.
  • monitor the progress of dispatched tasks .
  • reschedule or terminating tasks that have been dispatched.

 – Apertune

  • Automates the processing and optimization of aerial images
  • Allows batches of images to be optimized quickly, automatically and consistently


  • IMU data post-processing software.

Flight planning Software

 – Global Mapper

  • Imports and exports shapefiles in the coordinate system of choice.
  • Print maps of flight planned areas to be sent to air traffic controllers.

 – Topoflight

  • 3d flight planning software which allows the fast and interactive design of flight plans.
  • The inclusion of digital elevation models leads to best results and minimizes the amount of images and thereby the costs of any flight mission

Post Processing

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