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Optech ALTM Galaxy Lidar

With PulseTRAK™ SwathTRAK™ Technologies

Lidar Imaging Camera
Aerial Surveys International purchases New ALTM Galaxy LIDAR imaging camera!

The new ALTM Galaxy is the ultimate wide-area lidar sensor, with best-of-class density performance, incredible collection effciency and confguration flexibility with the highest data precision and accuracy possible.

The ALTM Galaxy Advantage
The ALTM Galaxy Features

▣  PulseTRAK™
PulseTRAK™ technology enables a continuous operating envelope that can accommodate high-relief terrain with no data gaps or loss of density across multipulse transition zones..

▣  SwathTRAK™
SwathTRAKTM technology maintains constantwidth ?ightlines for consistent data density in variable terrain and fewer ?ight lines.

▣  High-performance laser and scanner
Exceptional range and scan performance for maximum application ?exibility and collection effciency.

▣  Capable of up to 8 returns per emitted pulse
Galaxy guarantees the highest vertical density possible without the processing and storage burden of voluminous waveform capture (full waveform capture optionally available)

▣  Unique real-time sensor protocol
In-air point cloud display for true-coverage verifcation and immediate rapid-response deliverables in LAS format.

▣  Optech FMS Flight Management Suite
Integrated planning with simultaneous control and monitoring capability for up to 8 sensors

▣  Industry-leading raw data precision and accuracy
Survey-grade deliverables for complete USGS Lidar Base Specifcation compliance (QL0/QL1/QL2) and the highest quality map products possible.

▣  Powerful Optech LMS Lidar Mapping Suite
Automates sensor calibration, maximizes laser point accuracies and quantifes project accuracy deliverables.

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Lidar Imaging Camera

The ALTM Orion H300 Series is a mid-altitude, high-per formance mapping sensor that provides the stunning data precision and accuracy typically demanded in modern engineering applications. Capable of collecting exceptional data quality at altitudes up to 4000m, the Orion H300 is the ideal choice when small payload platforms or multi-application flexibility is required.

▣  Multipulse
Increase the collection efficiency or point density?fly higher at a given laser pulse rate, or double your pulse rate for a given altitude.

▣  300-kHz Laser
A 50% increase in point density with 300 kHz of on-the-ground continuous data sampling capability,independent of the scanner FOV.

▣  90-HzScanner
Increased scan frequencies improve point distribution at higher laser pulse rates and/or lower altitudes.

▣  220-Channel GPS Receiver
Next-generation POS technology enables simultaneous logging of manyGPS constellations for maximum global coverage and accuracy.

▣  Variable Laser Power
Fly at even lower operational altitudes, for a wider performance envelope with greater application flexibility.

▣  Waveform Digitizer Compatible
Now fully compatible with Optech?s portable 12-bit IWD-2 Intelligent Waveform Digitizer, for applications requiring enhanced vertical density or improved surface classification.

▣  Integrated software
ALTM-NAV Flight Management Software with underlying DEM planning capability, and real-time swath coverage directly exportable to Google? Earth, and others.

▣  Powerful DASHMap lidar pre-processing software with embedded 3D viewer for rapid XYZI data output and visualization

Orion H300 Specifications

Lidar in Action

Specialized Services

"With the addition of these cameras to our fleet, we now have the ability to economically provide best of class of lidar and concurrent imagery data to a broad range of clients with a myriad of applications."

"The ALTM Galaxy Lidar, combined with Optech's Phase One medium format digital cameras, give us the flexibility and capability to provide exceptional engineering-grade accuracy and product deliverables from low, medium and high altitudes up to 4,000 m AGL."