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Lidar Imaging Sensor

LIDAR Imaging

Our New ALTM Galaxy with PulseTRAK™ and SwathTRAK™ is the ultimate wide-area lidar sensor, with best-of-class density performance and collection effciency. When combined with PhaseOne medium format digital cameras, we have the flexibility and capability to provide exceptional engineering-grade accuracy and product deliverables from low, medium and high altitudes. With the highest data precision and accuracy possible, the ALTM Galaxy is quite simply the smallest sensor on the market with the greatest performance capability, representing a giant leap ahead of its competitors in every way.

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SwathTRAK in action!


This scanner's extended laser strength capability also allows us to perform high-altitude wide area mapping from our current fixed-wing aircraft without modifications, more efficiently than anyone else in the industry. The ALTM Galaxy provides the clients we service with exceptional shot-to-shot data precision and accuracy that is evident in the quality of Optech's timing electronics and industry-leading laser technology."

The industry is changing rapidly and our Optech lidar solutions help us provide exceptional service to our clients in a whole new way.

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Lidar in Action

Specialized Services

?With the addition of this sensor to our fleet, we now have the ability to economically provide best of class of lidar and concurrent imagery data to a broad range of clients with a myriad of applications."

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