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Digital Mapping Camera (DMC)

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Digital Mapping Camera
Aerial Surveys International purchases 2nd Z/I Digital Mapping Camera (DMC).

Z/I Imaging's Digital Mapping Camera (DMC), the industry's most innovative and precise turnkey digital camera system, supports aerial photogrammetric missions for the broadest range of GIS and remote sensing applications.

The complete data acquisition system delivers smallscale or large-scale images with high-quality resolution at engineering-scale accuracy - supplying images with ground resolutions of less than two inches. Designed with break-through technologies, the modular system consists of state-of-the-art components, centered on frame sensor technology, to advance all aspects of the digital workflow.

With Z/I Imaging's DMC, we achieve the high reliability the industry is accustomed to from proven camera technology ensuring high geometric and radiometric resolution. The system provides the added benefit of delivering images digitally, enabling direct production of a wide range of mapping and image analysis deliverables, including digital terrain models, orthophotos, and more.

The combination of innovative components makes the DMC ideal for capturing data for small- and large-scale mapping and engineering applications, including: agriculture, cadastral mapping, cartography, forestry, land use/land cover mapping, environmental studies, natural hazard assessment, flood risk management, transportation engineering, urban planning, civil engineering, oil & gas exploration, and geology.

Camera Specifications

DMC in Action

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Measurement and

Camera Components

The DMC system includes the following components:

DMC main camera assembly
  1. 4 high-resolution 7k x 4k PAN camera heads
  2. 4 multispectral 3k x 2k camera heads
  3. Camera electronic unit
  4. Mission Data is stored on internal solid state drives (SSDs), each capable of storing up to 1000 images
ImageStation Mission Planning Software
Airborne Sensor Management System
(ASMS), including the following components:
  1. ASMS core software- ASMS sensor control module for the DMC
  2. Video camera
T-AS Gyro Stabilized
Camera Suspension Mount
T-AS Adapter Ring Kit